Strategic Stock & Commodity Tips to Long Term Success in Share Market


Market wrap-up (01 SEPT 2015):

Market dips more than 2 percent today; Nifty ends below 7800 mark.

Market tanks over 2 pct amid weak global cues, to end near their one-year lows dragged sharply by banks on the back of weak GDP, core sector and factory growth, which led Sensex falls 586 points and ends below 26000 mark at 25696 on the other hand Nifty ends below 7800 mark tanks 185 points and finally settled at 7785.


  • Honda to raise prices of few products this week.
  • SBI shares dips as bank rival HDFC Bank cut base rate.
  • Bharti Airtel shares tanked after block deal.
  • Infy shares end on a flat note as getting approvals for 3 land parcels.
  • Inox Leisure gains in an otherwise market as company acquiring Multiplex Cinema.
  • Shares of Axis Bank dips after bank cut deposit rates by 50 bps.


  • Sun Pharma shares were in focus as the company completes acquisition of GSK’s (GlaxoSmithKline’s) opiates business.
  • Larsen & Tubro bagged fresh orders today worth Rs 10.70 billion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • OMCs shares were in focus as petrol price cut by 2 per liter and diesel by 0.5 paisa per liter.
  • Shares of jet airways gains in an early trade as ATF (aviation turbine fuel) prices is reduced by 11.6 percent of the time in 2 months.
  • Bank of Baroda shares falls on equity expansion post preferential allotment to GOI (Government of India.)
  • Inox Wind gains in an otherwise market as wins new orders from Ostro Energy for a 100 MW wind power project in Lahori, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Crompton Greaves wins new orders for 365KV and 154KV Capacitive Voltage Transformers from KEPCO.
  • Realty stocks fall after Moody’s said that realty firm will continue to face a challenging operating environment over the next 12 months.
  • Coal India shares dips after August output, as output for the last month falls to 36.18 million against 37.65 million.
  • Biocon gains as Pharma Company plans to invest 100 million dollars for its new plant in Mangalore SEZ.
  • Reliance Industries got permission from the Government to sell up to 1,20,000 tonnes of LPG produced at its plants to private cooking gas marketers


  • Maruti Suzuki today reported a 6.4 percent hike in the Aug sales number stood at 117864 units against 110776 units in the same month last year.
  • Mahindra and Mahindra reported lower than expected sales numbers, sales dips by 5.7 percent in Aug month sold 50186 units.
  • Ashok Leyland shares fall despite of positive news that the company reported 39% of growth in the Aug sales number which stood at 11544 units.
  • The Royal Enfield maker Eicher Motors sales for the august month grew by 59 percent in 42360 for two wheelers against 26643 for the same quarter last year.
  • Hyundai today reported robust sales number for the Aug month, since last month company sold 40505 units against 14103 units.


  • Hindalco EQ is heading towards its important support/ fresh low below it more selling pressure could be seen in stock. Sell below 75.20 targets 74.45/73.70/73 SL 76.
  • Selling Pressure seen in Tyre stocks, Jk tyre dips for the 3rd straight day, more selling could be seen in the next trading session, Sell below 101.60 targets 100.60/99.60/98.60 SL 102.60.

 Strategic Stock & Commodity Tips::

1) Have a Proper Financial Plan :-

Yes. The primary step to successful long term money, investing has nothing to do with shares, commodities & stocks. It includes your overall monetary health. How can you spend on stocks, when you don’t have the cash to spend for schedule expenses?.

Will you put in the long term, if you require to spend money incessantly for medical operating expense of loved one?. If you don’t have a proper monetary plan, you can never create long term investments. You will continually be in and out of the stocks. Before you build investments, check if

  • You have proper Stock & Commodity Tips from the experts.
  • You have a crisis fund (at least 6 months crass expenses).
  • You have Proper & adequate term life & health insurance.
  • You make a complete use of well-organized tax saving options.
  • You have sufficient Health Insurance for everyone your family members.

2) Understand Yourself :-

The next footstep is to classify yourself. To succeed long term in the stocks, you may have average knowledge to succeed but require great emotional control power.

  • Ask manually these questions
  • Am I disciplined sufficient to make usual investments.
  • Am I an emotional judgment maker.
  • Can I sleep peacefully, if I lose big money in the stocks.
  • Am I looking for rapid methods to catch rich.
  • Will I share & commodities failures spill over to further parts of my life choices.

These questions will assist you to self-analyze, if you are suited for straight equity & commodity investments. If you are an emotional decision creator or looking to get affluent quick, then you will end up building bad decisions.

3) Start As Early As Possible :-

It is frequently said “For long term achievement in the stocks, Timing is not significant. Your time in the long term money investing stock tips, equity tips, Commodity tips, MCX Tips market are very important”. This means, the longer you stay in the good stocks, better returns you will get.

Did you make out that Buffet just controlled 25.42% CAGR incessantly to create so much wealth. Einstein described “Compounding is the 8th wonder of this world“. Investing in towering quality shares & stocks and let the magnificent effects of the compounding do the magic.

You require doubling your money investments each & every month, if you delay investing by five years to reach the equal final corpus.

For eg., if you spend Rs. 5,000/- from age 25 years to get X amount at the age Y, then, if you start at the age 30 years you require to invest almost Rs.10,000/- to reach an equal X amount at the age Y.

4) Minimize Your Investing Expenses :-

Expenses such as brokerage costs, taxes, STT, expense ratios, sales commission charges may seem unimportant when isolated. Merge them together and you will see them put into huge proportions.

As Graham Bell said “Wall Street makes money on activity. You build your money on idleness“. The more you buy and sell, more brokerages & commissions you pay. This thin your long term presentation big time.

Pick top stocks at sensible prices and always stay with them. Use small cost mutual funds, adopt buy & hold strategy to keep on brokerage and resources gains tax.

5) Diversify & Optimize Your Portfolio :-

A good portfolio comes to a decision your investment profit on your wealth. A few say 90% of your rich performance will be determined by how you expand and optimize your whole portfolio.

Your portfolio should have well-organized asset allocation. This can be completed by diversifying inside asset classes (stocks from dissimilar industries, stocks within a similar industry) and among dissimilar asset classes (bonds, cash, gold, and stocks).

6) Invest Only for Long Term and Stick to It :-

Investment is these days confused with the trading & speculation. Gone are the days, when holding more than five years was measured long term investment. Even people, who hold for 1 year call themselves traders or investors.

If you are holding less than three years call yourself an investor or speculator. Investing is an art and it wants a lot of endurance. The patience with high excellence businesses yield wealthy dividends in the extensive run.

7) Don’t chase the next hot tip or penny stocks

Another general mistake committed by new traders. When they are novel to the stock market, they get involved to these NCDEX Tips, Equity Tips and the penny stocks. Only later do they realize they have turn into honey bees attentive in the wax.

Greed is a powerful emotion, which sweeps anyone off its feet. All rationality & common sense are thrown at the window. Your greed describes your decision building which is a sure method for disaster.

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