Some Important Commodity Tips Can Help Maximize Profits With NSE & BSE Fundamental Report



Markets settle in a green zone today; Metals, IT stock dips.

It was a very tepid day, Markets ends on a flat to positive note amid volatility gains led by financial stocks after Finance Minister in discussion with the banks laid stress on clearing the stalled infrastructure projects and capital infusion in public sector banks as well as ahead of CPI and IIP numbers due later in a day. Nifty closed below 8000 mark for the second straight day gains 18 points and ends at 7983 while Sensex gains 54 points to close at 26425.


  • IT stocks dip after US probe TCS, Infy on visa violations.
  • Mastek falls 70 percent on demerger of its insurance business.
  • ABG shipyard gains more than 7 percent today on talks for a strategic stake sale.
  • Shares of Reliance moved higher ahead of 41st
  • Shares of Astra Zeneca dips on profit booking.
  • Shares of Bharti Airtel gains as wins new contract to launch Wi-Fi services.


  • Varun Shipping moved higher as well as locked with an upper circuit after SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) said that pending 90 investor complaints have been resolved.
  • ITC reported that company is about to invest Rs 8000 crore to expend its paper business in Telangana.
  • PVR gains on the reports that Company is planning to raise Rs 350 crore.
  • Shares of Unitech moved higher after company told that it is planning to raise Rs 200 crore.
  • Shares of Jubilant moved higher as much as after the USFDA upgrades Spokane facility.
  • BHEL rose on Shrinagar HEP unit (Hydro Electric Project) in Shrinagar.
  • DLF rallied on stake hike by Oppenheimer to 5.12% from 4.99%.
  • Bajaj Finance raised Rs 1400 crore , allotted equity shares.
  • IndusInd Bank plans to raise Rs. 600 crore via preferential allotment.
  • Tata Motors falls after JLR reported weak sales number for the month of May 2015.
  • Metals stocks dips on weak economic growth in china would hurt export revenues.


  • Selling Pressure could be seen in Tyre stocks; JK Tyre falls for the fourth straight week. More selling is expected from current levels. Sell below 86.75 targets 85.90/85/84.15 SL 87.60.
  • Prajind EQ breaks all its resistance and hits fresh, high with huge volumes and finally ends with a big bullish candle on daily and weekly charts, More buying seen enter above 90.80 targets 91.70/96.60/93.60 maintain SL of 89.80.


  • Chennai Petro EQ gains for the 3rd day in a row, More upward moment could be seen as stock is heading towards all time high as well as ends with a big bullish candle in weekly charts. Buy above 142 targets 144.80/147.80 maintain SL of 139.
  • ABGSHIP EQ gains on the positive news of a strategic stake sale, as well as in a technical front stock was trading near around its resistance, breakouts could be seen in coming trading session. Buy above 188.50 while its immediate resistance is seen near around 193.60-195.25 while intraday support is 171.50-162.35.


  • European shares dips as renewed concerns over a potential Greek default weighed after the IMF
    (International Monetary Fund) chose to leave the negotiations.
  • China shares gain today after the close upward moment led by Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution, Electricity and Media stocks.


  • Watch out for the WPI (Wholesale Price Index) numbers on Monday i.e. on 15th June 15.

Commodity marketplace has a marvelous impact on the financial system and the life of the populace. Though demand & supply are the major factor behind the rate volatility, currency moves, economic growth, geopolitical issues and government policies & scheme are other issues influencing commodity rates. Typically, the commodity products market is a topic to rallies & crashes, so it is extra susceptible to conjecture than the equity or stock markets.

Previous to participating in the commodity futures, a trader or investors must be prepared and prepared to learn, how the commodity market works. Commodity futures contracts, unlike stocks have dissimilar expiry time periods. As the commodity futures platforms or way is mostly intended for the hedging with a sight to reduce the peril in portfolio, those who are contributing in the commodities division without fully considering the fundamentals of the agreement will place to lose their first resources or a part thereof. Anyhow, if we pursue certain guidelines and Important Commodity Tips before investing, it can decrease the risk of losses and maximize profits.

Diversifying Capital:

It is very necessary to articulate the amount of risk & reward. One should know in before how much peril he can pay for on his available assets while trading in commodity futures. Also, never spend the total money in a only single commodity. The top option is to assign the resources in different possessions, so any mistaken trade resulting in a only loss can with no trouble be halted. In addition, until facing any unsure situation, the ideal tactic will be to remain an enduring until a clear image is revealed. Performing a bad decision is inferior than not dealing at all. As compared to the equities, a commodity future agreement provides greater suppleness to the clients, always helps the hedgers to guard their substantial position and be a focus for more speculators. Hence, the predetermining peril reward is very important to overcome the huge number of speculative investor or traders.

Maintaining s Stop Loss:

Buying & selling in commodity futures involve assured degree of peril as it is influenced by a variety of factors, it is necessary to care for positions ourselves. Using a buy or sell contains losses at a relaxed level or during use hedging strategies are very important. The main motive why traders or investor give up dealing is due to enormous losses they undergo as they usually would not set a stop loss (SL) in their dealing strategies. It has been pointed out that maintaining suitable SL helps minimizing losses and maximize profits.

Market Attention:

Every winning trader has his individual system that facilitates them increases profits and always keep losses at a minimum level.

These methods can be gained by stable market attention over a phase of time. Avoiding ordinary mistakes will help get better profits. Planning ahead of commodity trading is also very important. Any sudden rate movement may not be a correct entry or exit point of your buy and sell. Always update on market news and find the free Commodity MCX Tips

Play it Slow:

It has been pointed out that traders or investors with short experience rush to set profits on their winning plans and strategies at the initial instance, but always holds on to the losing techniques to build up losses. It is very significant not to secure the winning trades too early on. Always attempt to trail the commodity market rate by continuously modifying stop losses (SL) and grab greatest profits in such trades. Fear & impatience will guide to unfair choices; so avoid it.

Be Prepared:

A new trader or investor in the commodity must start with a small capital. Never go beyond rumors and the invest whole capital or money at a time in emotions of profiting rapidly & easily.

A good futures market trader can build profits in any trading market condition. Great knowledge and information on world related events and happen which influence rate movements helps in taking the suitable decisions. The application of the fundamental & technical research with better commodity NCDEX Tips will help the investors spot more chances. Attending seminars, events and understanding the observed mistake of another traders will assist in identifying the pitfall & avoiding the similar.

Apart from the above tips & strategies, it is extremely important to manage one’s emotions.

Fear, greed & anxiety are the ordinary traits of the human beings, overcoming such as emotions are a should for every winning buy and sell. Confidence based on hard research helps conquer the emotional commodity trading decisions. However, genuine success in the trading comes with discipline & experience.

Commodity Trading – Golden Rules

  1. Adherence is genuinely recommended to buy & sell and achieve profits in these tentative Trade Markets.
  2. Do not buy and sell with hesitance, half heartily or in not sure. You may incur little, but recurring losses, if you are scared of the commodity markets or heavier ones if you are openly brave & foolhardy.
  3. Do not be over hopeful when the trades have struck the suggested SL (stop-loss) levels and ensure you leave there. You may neglect better & multiple chances of being stuck in trades gone wrong leading to higher & higher losses every day.
  4. Do not talk about your open positions with all. This will guide you nowhere and very confuse you more, as every would air their possess views on the similarities (whether informal or not) and numerous at times, would build your trade choices seem as foolish & hastily taken.
  5. Always realize that you are in the very bad situation and close fast when you necessitate to pray for release at each & every rise or fall in a buy and sell which is most important you further into a bottomless pit towards very heavy losses.

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