Most Important Commodity Tips With Metals Scenario


  • Gold Scenario:-

Gold is the very old precious metal, known to person & for thousands of the years. It has been treasured as a global market currency an investment, a commodity & simply an object of beauty.

Major Characteristics:-

  • The symbol of the Gold’s chemical is Au, and it is a financial asset & partially a commodity.
  • Gold metal is the world’s oldest globally currency.
  • Gold is a significant element of the global financial reserve.
  • With regards to money investment value, maximum 2/3rd of the global total accumulated holdings is with the central bank treasury, private players and held in the form of the high-karat Jewellery.
  • Minimum one 1/3 of the globe’s total accumulated holdings are utilized as “commodity” for the Jewellery in the western trading markets and industries.

Factors influencing the market:-

  • The above ground contributes of gold from the central bank sale, official gold loans and reclaimed scrap.
  • Hedging interest of producer’s or miners.
  • The world macro-financial factors such as the US Dollar, Economic events & Interest Rates.
  • Commodity particular events such as the building of new production amenities or processes or plant closures or unexpected mine or industry restructuring all affect the metal prices and traded in high volume with proper Commodity MCX Tips by the market professionals.
  • The Lead Scenario:-

Major characteristics:-

  • The lead, chemical symbol of lead is pb, is very rust resistant, ductile & malleable blue grey color metal that has been in utilizing for minimum 5,000 years.
  • It is typically found in the association with Silver, Zinc as well as copper ores.
  • It is the one of our world most sustainable and recyclable commodities.
  • The Lead manufacture process consumes very less energy as compared to the construction of any further metal.

Factors influencing the market:-

  • Lead rates in India are pre decided on the basis of the prices that rule of the global Spot market, Rupee and US Dollar Exchange Rates.
  • Monetary Events such as nationwide industrial enlargement global financial recession, crisis & inflation influence metal price.
  • Aluminum Scenario:-

Major Characteristics:-

  • Aluminum, the chemical symbol of aluminum AI is the third major abundant element in the earth’s shell. It exists in the very stable mixed with other materials, chiefly silicates and oxides.
  • It is the resistance to ordinary atmospheric gases and a wide-value of liquids. Hence, the aluminum is recognized for its durability and high resale value.

Factors influencing the market:

  • Aluminum rates in India are pre decided on the basis of the prices that rule of the worldwide spot market, Rupee and U.S Dollar exchange rates.
  • Global financial crisis, Economic events, recession and inflation affect metal rates.
  • Commodity definite events such as the manufacture of new production capability or processes, unexpected mine, plant closures, industry restructuring and all affect metal rates.
  • Government sets buy & sell policy (implementation, suspension of taxes, penalties and Quotas) that influence supply by regulating material flow and proper traded in the market by the better Commodity Tips.
  • Geopolitical events connecting governments or financial paradigms and armed conflict can reason major changes.

Exchanges dealing in Crude Futures:

  • The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).
  • The International Petroleum Exchange of London (IPE).
  • The Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).
  • Copper Scenario:-

Major Characteristics:-

  • Copper, the chemical symbol of copper is Cu is a malleable and ductile metallic element, that is a brilliant conductor of heat and electricity.
  • It stands at the 3rd place in the context of the world utilization after steel and aluminum.
  • Copper is a vital contributor, to the nationwide economics of the mature, newly developed and developing countries.

Factors Influencing Market:-

  • Copper trading markets are affected by the rates, which are ruling on the worldwide spot market & Rupee and US Dollar Exchange rates.
  • Money making events, global financial crisis, inflation and recession affect metal prices.
  • Commodity explicit events such as the edifice of the new creation facility or processes, surprising mine or plant closures or industry reformation whole affect metal rates.
  • Government sets trade policy such as implementation, suspension of taxes, penalties and Quotas that effect, contribute by regulating restricting or encouraging material flow.
  • Geopolitical events including governments, or financial paradigms and armed conflict can reason big changes.
  • Natural Gas Scenario:-

Major Characteristics:-

  • The natural gas is an odorless, colorless, environment friendly energy resource. It is a gas consisting chiefly of methane. It originates associated with the fossil fuels, in coal beds such as methane clathrates and is formed by anthropogenic organisms in the marshes, bogs, & landfills.
  • The natural gas is commercially created mostly from the oil fields & natural gas fields.

The major applications of natural gas are:-

  • The fuel source for power age group.
  • Domestic or Commercial utilization for warming or cooking, such as piped natural gas.
  • Industrial uses: the fuel source for the boilers, ovens, air conditioners, freeze etc.
  • Feed source for manure manufacture.
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is being extensively used as a substitute automobile fuel.
  • The of petrochemicals such as methanol etc.
  • The other parts obtained in the natural gas processing like propane and butane are used in produce of LPG (LIquified Petroleum Gas)


   1 mm BTU (million British Thermal Units) =25.2 SCM (Standard Cubic Meter)

   1 SCM = 1 cubic meter at 1 atmospheric pressure and 15°C

   1 TCF (Trillion Cubic Feet) = 4 MMSCMD (million metric standard cubic meter per day)

   1 MMTPA (Million tonne per Annum) of LNG = 4 MMSCMD

   1 MT of LNG = 1300 SCM

   Power of 1 MMSCMD gas = 220 MW (Mega Watt)


  • Don’t over trade.
  • Always Set stop loss.
  • Always change stop loss on each & every price rise.
  • Never recover losses on the similar day.
  • Book more profit in first chance.
  • Never set your position when commodity markets are not favorable.
  • Don’t execute so many deals at one time.
  • Always follow the rules & regulation.
  • Emotional manage is at the heart of good quality trading.
  • Cut losses with the strictest discipline.
  • Make excellent decisions with proper commodity tips, mcx tips & NCDEX Tips & winning will get care of itself.
  • When you misplace, do not lose the lesson!
  • When in uncertainty, get out.
  • Keep your risk or reward profile in making sure.
  • Avoid scheduled market news.
  • Consider your account volume for appropriate market trading.
  • Scale out of charming positions as they effort for you.
  • Do not dig yourself into a gap early in the daytime or in your occupation.
  • Always trade with a blend of confirmation and anticipation.
  • Beware of your dealing process following a charming streak.
  • Evaluate your outcomes at least monthly.
  • Lastly (perhaps most significant), always be enduring.


  • INTRA                 =     Intraday
  • TGT                    =    Target
  • SL                      =    Stop Loss
  • BTST                  =    Buy Today Sell Tomorrow
  • STBT                  =    Sell today Buy Tomorrow
  • C/O                    =    Carry Over (Means positional for short term)
  • POSITIONAL       =    Call to be hold for Short Term
  • DELIVERY          =    Call to be hold for Short Term

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