Golden Rules of Commodity Trading

new Image 13 febHere are sincerely recommended to trade in the commodity market and get profit gains in these Speculative Trade Markets.

  1. Don’t trade with any hesitance, in over confidence or half heartedly. You may bring upon yourself little but repeated losses if you are heavier ones or nervous about the market trend if you are overtly foolhardy and brave.
  2. When trading in the market has been patient positions are moving in the right probable direction to extract higher gains and make sure the gains by raising the stop-loss level, time and again. Don’t be negative here or else you may book gains may later and pre-maturely regret on exiting before time. This may lead to keeping on re-entering the similar trade at further levels and frequently exit at little reversals in panic, which in turn would destroy previous small gains and also make losses. It’s not whether you are correct or wrong that is more important, but how lots of money you make when you are correct and how lots of money you lose when you are wrong and that makes all the difference between Losers and Winners.
  3. Don’t be over hopeful when the trades have hit the recommended stop-loss levels and decide you exit there. You may miss superior and multiple opportunities on being fixed in deals goes wrong leading to higher losses every day.
  4. Don’t talk about your open positions with friends and colleague. This will guide you nowhere and you are confusing you more, as each and every one would air their itself views on the similarities (whether knowledgeable or not) and a lot of at times, would make your trade decisions look as foolish and quickly taken. If only you would have consulted them previous…
  5. Don’t build up a tendency of being a Bear or a Bull in these markets. There is the only single side of the markets and that neither is the Bear side nor the Bull side – But ONLY the correct Side at the correct Time. The trend is King, so follow it at all times.

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  1. Initially you are better understand that a bad situation and exit fast when you require to pray for relief at each go up or fall down in a trade which is leading you more in a deep pit towards more losses.

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  1. Market trader only Follow one Analyst’s or Technical Advisor’s instruction at a time, as more guidelines will again create more confusion. You can choose for or seem out for an alternate guidance when the previous to guideline proves to be fewer loss making or productive, but not at the same time.
  2. Be honest with itself as praying or hoping for something different, than the real reality or situation is nothing less than fooling your own.

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  1. There is nothing such as enormous, sky-high and mind-blowing profit makings overnight, as certain by lots of win a approaching client. YES, there are higher returns and large gains for a disciplined trader and may return accurately the opposite, if not bad, for the non-disciplined. Don’t enter this trade market under any delusions of getting to be a millionaire overnight. It will not happen. This is really all that you now possess might be lost.
  2. Don’t trade or borrow with funds that are not yours in extra funds by borrowing to hold on to loss when you are trading. The market trades only with personal funds that are spare-able and be ready mentally in loosing even that in whole, in the bad situation.
  3. Don’t trade or enter / exit positions in a panic. Instability is a non-distinguishable component of this market trade and will be current most of the times.
  4. Don’t be a guided or party to rumors or misled by these. Verify and double-check on the source for authenticity.
  5. Always away from the people who have a tendency of saying “I had told you – Look now? These are the very identical people who would don’t put anything ever trade or on paper on their personal views- with their personal funds, as in fact they don’t have any real knowledge or views. They are mere dampers on an ego trip, who keep gathering or soaking tidbits of information from anywhere available irrespective of their consistency, put each and every one together and extend the current news. If what they say goes incorrect, they would evanesce and would be looked if found are nowhere, may be now have a few stronger reasons and views for why the wrong happened as usually these kind of people are excellent convincers and are blessed with the gift of gab. Remember that these characters and their views are more risky. As the intelligent always said: – “Half knowledge is always more risky”, “Lack of knowledge is Bliss” and “Blessed is the completely knowledgeable”.
  6. Don’t try to be the TREND SETTER or the initially to know where a picky trade will turn from. Nobody can possibly be, except by a pure matter of chance, the best buyer or the best seller – so why try it? You may end up losing more money and also becoming the laughing-stock of all. Follow the current market trend and make good gains, “Quietly”.

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  1. Don’t enter the Stock Market with Commodity Markets trading ideas. While both are speculative markets trade, there is an ample difference in both and usually have opposite trading patterns and thumb rules.

Better strategy to trade in Commodity Market in India

When you are setting up of nation-wide MCX (multi commodity exchanges), a new best way has been thrown open for Indian market traders or investors. These exchanges have electronic market trading and settlement a system making it is very simple to trade in the commodity market. The market trading on these exchanges doesn’t need the investor to possess physical stocks. Really less than 1 per cent of the whole traded volume involves the transfer of physical commodities.

Trading in commodity Market comprises of three easy steps.

Step One: Selecting a Broker or Adviser

Step Two: Depositing the Margin

Step Three: Access to current Information and a Better Trading Plan

Process Flow in Commodity Market Trading

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