Forex Market Trading News 08 Feb


Support for CURRENCY USDINR Support is seen at 67.7000, 67.6000 And 67.5000 levels
While resistance is seen 68.0000, 68.1000 And 68.2000 levels.
Support for CURRENCY EURINR Support is seen at 75.8000, 75.6000 And 75.4000 levels
While resistance is seen at 76.1000, 76.3000 And 76.5000 levels.
Support for CURRENCY GBPINR Support is seen at 98.4000, 98.3000 And 98.2000 levels
While resistance is seen at 98.8000, 98.9000 And 99.0000 levels.
Support for CURRENCY JPYINR Support is seen at 57.9000, 57.8000 And 57.7000 levels
While resistance is seen at 58.2000, 58.3000 And 58.4000 levels.


GBPINR on daily charts showed reversal from higher levels closing on lower side and so selling pressure can be seen if it holds below the level of 98.5050.

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