Commodity Trading Tips and It’s Advantage


What Is Commodity Trading?

The commodity futures markets permit commercial producers & commercial consumers to equalize the risk of the adverse future rate movements in the commodity that they are trading. In

In order to effort a futures contract should be standardized. They should have a standard size & grade, expire on a present date and have a specific tick size. For example, corn futures dealing at the Chicago Board of the Trade are for 6000 bushels with a minimum tick volume size of 1/4cent/bushel (12.50 dollar/contract).

A farmer may have a big field of the corn and in order to evade against the possibility of the corn prices dropping previous the harvest he might vend corn futures. He has locked in the current rate; if corn rates fall, he gives a profit from the commodity future agreements to offset the loss on the real corn. On the further hand, a customer such as Kellogg may purchase corn futures in the order to guard against a go up in the cost of corn.

In order to make easy a liquid market so that consumers or producers can freely buy & sell contracts, exchanges give confidence speculators. The speculators motive is to make a profit from getting on the risk of rate movement that the commercial market users do not want to. The rewards for the speculators can be extremely large precisely, because there is a considerable risk of loss.

Commodity Trading in MCX & NCDEX:

Developed in the year 2003, MCX is the today biggest commodity exchange in the India with around 2/3 commodity trading volume size coming from it alone. Discussion of its situation in the world commodity trading, it stands first in silver market trading, second in energy and third in the Gold & crude oil. There are 100s of commodities that are bought and sold over this exchange. Traders can buy & sell in metals, fiber, bullion, spices, pulses, energy, plantations, petrochemicals, cereals, oil & oil seeds with the help of an MCX Tips by the a good commodity broker..

NCDEX too was developed in the year of 2003. Now a day’s it is a public limited company and. Situated in Mumbai, it is managed by FMC for the Future Trading in Commodity. Here two traders can buy & sell in Agra based commodities, energy, bullion, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics, and some other important commodities. Those who deal in these exchanges forever wish to have a few Commodity Tips that can be relied upon.

7 Advantages of Investing in Commodity Market:

While a majority of the investors invests in the stock market, there is lots of whom have ignored draw materials. The materials definitely offer traders or investors a safer edge through the time of the inflation. The commodities like gold & silver provide lots of benefits to traders or investors during economic worries. However, investment in the commodities is considered a perilous mode of the investment. This doesn’t imply that you should not be involving commodity investment in your portfolio.

Investing in the commodities future obviously needed you to have some knowledge and familiarity regarding the commodities market. Commodity Investments are widely measured as a hedge alongside inflation. This implies that commodities be detained for the longer term.

Benefits of Investing in Commodities-

A Safe Refuge during Crisis:

Often traders do not feel confident in relation to investing in the commodities, but think regarding precious metals like gold, silver and platinum; they present a clear protection during price rises and times of the economic uncertainty. They are a superior source of the investment even through tough times.

Diversified Investment Portfolio:

A perfect asset allocation, preparation means having a diversified portfolio. The commodities are an important part of having a diversified investment assortment. If you have previously invested in the stocks & bonds, it is suggested that, you believe investing in the raw materials simultaneously. This way, whenever there is an equity market crash, you are not putting whole eggs in a single basket.

Often, the standards of the commodities see a collapse just like stock market shares. They respond differently in a variety of geopolitical and financial situations. Diversification, thus, is extra likely to get better risk-adjusted profits and reduce volatility.

Transparency in the Process:

Trading in the commodity futures is a translucent process. The course of action leads you to light price discovery which is managed by large scale participation. Such a big participation also reproduces different perspectives & outlook of a wider segment of people who are trading with that commodity.

Profitable Returns:

The commodities are riskier forms of the investments with enormous swings in prices. Companies either hit it correct on resource detection or experience heavy losses. This release up opportunities for you to build profits in the commodity marketplace provided you plan your investments accurate.


Whenever, the rupee becomes fewer valuable, you need extra money to purchase commodity goods from the different parts of the world. Especially, during inflation, the rates of commodity raw or goods go up as other investors sell off their shares and bonds to spend on commodities. Therefore, you could be benefiting from a few commodities in your portfolio that proceed as a potential hedge alongside risks.

Protect against Inflation:

When the financial system is dipping, money is valueless – inflation occurs. The rates for commodities typically go up throughout high inflation; therefore the price of raw materials also observes an upward market trend. Therefore, some commodities in your assortment will assist you advantage from this upswing.

Trading on Lower Margin

As an investor, you need to deposit margin money with your broker, which can be sealed to 5 to 10 percent of the total value of the contract, which is the much lower considering other asset lessons. Such a less margin allows you to get larger positions at a smaller capital. The broker can provide offer and scheme in commodity and Forex Tips for trading.

Disadvantages of commodity trading:

Leverage can be a twice edged sword. Low margin necessities can encourage poor cash management, most important, to, excessive peril taking. Not merely are profits enhanced, but so are losses!

Speed of the commodity trading. Traditionally commodities are delve traded and in order to buy and sell a speculator would require to agreement a broker by the telephone to place the manager who then sends out that order to the delve to be executed. Once the buy & sell is filled the pit investor informs the broker, who then informs his customer. This can get some take and the peril of slippage stirring can be very lofty. Online commodity futures market trading can assist to reduce this time by giving the client with a straight link to an E- exchange.

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